Day 2 at the Smart City Expo World Congress

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Day 2 at the Smart City Expo World Congress - Here are some key takeaways from the pitch presentations I had the pleasure of attending:

1. 📣 **qoob**: Are you tired of noisy places? Qoob offers an intriguing solution - unlockable cubes placed in public spaces using your smartphone. An interresting way to escape the noise hassle!

2. 🛫 **SYDRON**: Imagine a modernized aviation industry with drones transporting people. SYDRON has teamed up with Port de Barcelona to kickstart an electric air taxi service for convenient city transport. The future of mobility is in the skies!

3. 🔗 **Nextérité**: A promising Deep Tech solution catering to Scale-ups in Mobility. They're all about enhancing mobility management and information in our cities, paving the way for a brighter urban future.

Exciting innovations are shaping our cities, making them smarter and more connected than ever!

Autor: Paulo Almeida

Source: Linkedin