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Qoob is a place-sharing service that provides short-term access to Private spaces in Public places for work, study, meetings, and relaxation.

We offer an innovative solution to address the challenges faced by travelers and urban city residents.

Access to the qoob ecosystem is available via a cross-platform mobile app. The user needs to take 3 simple steps such as:

  • download App
  • select a location
  • book date, and time for a session of 15 minutes or more

qoob mission

Our mission is to create a future where private spaces are easily accessible anywhere and anytime for people worldwide.

qoob values

・ Privacy
・ Silence
・ Comfort
・ Accessibility
・ Affordability

What is qoob

Sustainable Mobility for Tomorrow

Our mobile qoob decreases the level of the associated emissions. We’re driving city areas into appealing, functional hubs, enhancing the urban smart city landscape and bringing cities one step closer to a greener, more sustainable future.

Flexibility Meets Functionality

Qoob is designed to provide a comfortable and private space in crowded public places. All cubes are equipped with: advanced soundproof technology high-speed internet, power outlets, charging stations and digital monitors, customizable lighting in desired colors, 2 ergonomic chairs and an adjustable desk, climate control, 2 external digital screens for advertisement placement.

Influence on Urban Traffic

By providing a mobile workspace in crowded locations, qoob diminishes the need to commute across town. Users experience fewer journeys, less congestion, and a smoother city flow with qoob spaces.

Economic Boost in Every Unit

Each qoob offers a unique space and fuels the community by creating jobs in maintenance and operations, contributing directly to local growth and prosperity.

How to use?

  • Download app
  • Register
  • Locate on map nearby or scan qoob
  • Book a time
  • Open door with app
  • Relax in the qoob
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